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Log Collection with or without an Agent. CVE, MITRE, PCI-DSS, Performance reporting & More!

What exactly is LogBeast?

LogBeast is a data aggregation and alerting platform for your website and I.T infrastructure. By sending us logs and installing our agent we can gain insight into what is happening in real-time. 

We aggregate multiple technology vendors to create a platform capable of giving you the best in cloud security analytics.

  • Vulnerability and Security monitoring: We can track and alarm on security incidents, tell you when a critical vulnerability has been found and affects your systems.
  • Border Auditing: Our platform will also scan your external IP space, your websites and apps. It will alert you to any potential flaws found that can cause security incidents. Such as unexpected Ports being opened on a firewall or an obsolete package such as Jquery causing security issues.
  • Compliance: We also monitor your websites for any critical issues. non-patched or vulnerable packages, possible firewall issues, data leaks and more!

    PCI-DSS, NIST 800-53 & GDPR framework support.
Power to you!

A simple yet powerful cloud security platform

Monitoring & Alarming
Action & Remediate
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The All In One Log & Security Analytics Platform

Access Your Data From Anywhere

using our Dashboard you can access your data, alarms and more from anywhere in the world!

Advanced log analytics and alarming

With a mixture of popular platforms underpinning our service. Your logs are quickly analysed and reported against.

Track changes in feedback over time

Monitor systems and get insight into how your security posture changes over time.

Protection by monitoring!

Enhance your infrastructure protection by monitoring how your systems are affected by CVE’s, bad firewall policies, what your users are doing and more!

Our Technology.

World-class platforms

We bring together a mixture of Enterprise and Open-Source software to deliver a fast, reliable and secure platform.

Protect what’s

Yours with knowledge!

Use Log Beast to track your security vulnerabilities in real time.

  • Security Events - Browse through your security alerts, identifying issues and threats in your environment.
  • Integrity Monitoring - Alerts related to file changes, including permissions, content, ownership and attributes.
  • Policy monitoring - Verify that your systems are configured according to your security policies baseline.
  • System auditing - Audit users behaviour, monitoring command execution and alerting on access to critical files.
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